At BlueDrop we believe that social and environmental responsibility is essential for the sustainable development of our planet.  The sum of efforts from companies like ours can truly make a difference in the long run; hence, we are committed to doing our part in this important effort.

In addition to complying with industry legal requirements, we strive to serve as an example of sustainability in our industry, always holding ourselves to higher standards.



  • Connecting with our community to identify opportunities in which we can make a difference.

  • Working with our employees to increase their productivity and their compensation.

  • Keeping track of our progress, “What gets measured gets done,” and report results to our Board of Directors.

  • Supporting our employees’ goals of living healthier lives through educational programs that focus on nutrition, exercise and preventative health care.



  • Minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • Making efficient use of water and helping our community to better manage this key resource.

  • Reducing waste.

  • Supporting a cultural shift towards environmental consciousness.

  • Protecting our bees and the other living creatures that interact with us.


This is our commitment and we pledge to hold ourselves responsible to achieving a more sustainable, conscientious and healthier way of doing business.






We generate a positive impact in our communities developing programs in all our operations.

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